Custom Chandeliers, sconces and lanterns for remains lighting

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    Custom solid brass chandelier with nickel plating designed and assembled for a client of Remains Lighting. This is the largest chandelier Remains Lighting ever produced reaching over 6 feet in diameter.

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    I communicated with outside vendors through engineering drawings, CAD files and one on one meetings to create machine, spun and cast parts.  I created 3D models of decorative elements, for stereolithography (Rapid prototyping) in Solidworks.  The stereoliths were used to make molds for casting in brass.

  • Approval drawings were submitted to interior designer and client before shop and engineering drawings were generated.

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    Custom dining room chandelier - two tone finish, copper plating and antique brass.

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    Custom Sconce designed for Remains Lighting

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    Custom scaled reproduction of turn of the century exterior lantern.  Drawing package created in Solidworks.

  • Client approval drawing of a chandelier rendered in Solidworks.


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Paul Gower is an industrial and furniture designer who received BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Paul believes that a product should not only be functional and attractive but also be fabricated in the most efficient way possible. Economy of materials and streamlined manufacturing are benchmarks of great design.

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