Salt and Pepper Shakers

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    Stackable ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers made by constructing eight part plaster mold of the design and reproducing forms in liquid clay. The eight part plaster mold was cast in four stages. Plaster block molds were made around REN foam plugs. The REN plate and vassal plugs were turned and sanded on a wood lathe. Solid and hollow clay forms were then reproduced in the molds.

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    A brown under glaze was first applied to the bisque ware. Then with a gravity feed spray gun the clear glaze was applied.

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Paul Gower is an industrial and furniture designer who received BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Paul believes that a product should not only be functional and attractive but also be fabricated in the most efficient way possible. Economy of materials and streamlined manufacturing are benchmarks of great design.

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