Zoetrope Lamp

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    Rapid prototyping is quickly becoming the standard in industrial design.  With tools like FDM printer, designers and engineers can turn computer models into exacting full-scale prototypes.  The FDM printer also allows complicated mechanical components to be created within other components.  With this in mind I sought to create a lamp that would be nearly impossible to create without the assistance of the FDM printer.

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    The shade is comprised of two shells, one printed permanently inside the other.  The interior shell is fixed to the lamp base while the exterior shell is able to spin freely.
    This design was inspired by a zoetrope, that fascinated me as a child. A wide cylinder with slots cut in it spins to create a short animation of your own design.  The exterior shell spins freely with the help of 24 ball bearings.  All ball bearings were printed with 0.01” tolerance.

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    I took special care to conceal the base of the bulb fixture within the shade.  This was done by inserting the mounting ring 1.5” from the base of the shade.
    When the lamp is in motion a mesmerizing light show is created as beams of light ripple like flames.



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Paul Gower is an industrial and furniture designer who received BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Paul believes that a product should not only be functional and attractive but also be fabricated in the most efficient way possible. Economy of materials and streamlined manufacturing are benchmarks of great design.

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